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The Irish capital plans to replace traditional street lamps with LED lights, with a project cost of over 600 million yuan.


Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is planning to use LED lighting to replace traditional public street lights to launch smart city applications.

It is reported that the Dublin City Government proposed the project and plans to replace 40,000 urban street lights with LED lights. At the same time, the city will install smart city applications and repair 120 historical traditional light poles, using the original design.

Currently, the project is in the bidding stage and the cost is expected to reach 80 million euros.


The Dublin city is known for its splendid historic street lamps, and the clover design and the crests are all Georgian. One of the goals of the replacement streetlight project is to unify Dublin's technological style, color temperature and lighting design.

In addition, the municipal government hopes to establish a central management system to remotely monitor and control the management of street lights, thereby promoting the smart city application process.

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