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India revised floodlight standards and added luminaire luminosity requirements


The Indian Bureau of Standards (BIS) has issued IS 10322 (Part 5): 2013 Revision A1 "Lamps: Part 5 Special Requirements, Section 5 Floodlights". Revision A1 will be implemented on September 18, 2019.

The biggest change in this update is the increase in the luminosity requirements of LED luminaires.

The following are the guidelines for the implementation of the revised content:

All licensees must ensure that products bearing the certification mark comply with IS 10322 (Part 5): 2013 includes the requirements in Revision A1.

- New applications need to be submitted to BIS for registration in accordance with IS 10322 (Part 5): 2013 including revised version A1.

-- New applications that do not contain a test report for revision A1 will be accepted by August 18, 2019. All applications must then comply with IS 10322 (Part 5): 2013 Revision A1.

-- According to the requirements of Revision A1, all licensees must submit a revised A1 supplementary test report for all models to BIS by September 18, 2019. Test reports can be issued by any BIS accredited laboratory. As of September 18, 2019, certificates that do not cover revision A1 will no longer be issued.

-- If the manufacturer fails to implement the revision by September 18, 2019, appropriate action will be taken in accordance with the 2018 BIS Compliance Assessment Regulations.

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