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Best High Power Lights for Stadium-Reita 320W LED Sports Lights


Best LED Stadium Lighting in the world.

Top Sale LED Stadaium Light in 2019.

Brightest LED Sports Lighing Manufacturer.

Professinal Sports Field Light Designer.

100-5000W High Power Stadium Light Leader.

ETL Or UL Listed LED Stadium Light For North America Market.

DLC Premium@ 166lm/W led Stadium Light,FLUX at TOP 1 on the DLC Website.

Stadium lighting is not just installing the flood lamps onto the ceiling. Before that, we need to have a very clear photometric design(DIALUX) to have the best lighting outcome.

 There are many types of projects such as new light installation, LED replacement, color changing lighting design and etc.

When comparing with the traditional lighting fixtures such as HPS, halogen, metal halide. LED lights are better for stadium and spacious sports field. It is because it shines the field further and brighter and reduce the power consumption at the same time. It significantly saves electricity cost on lighting for football, baseball, cricket stadium,tennis court,or Golf Stadium ect.

Reita's new generation of patented LED Stadium As Follow:

Best LED Stadium Lighting 320W LED Sports Light coming with 48800 lumen output @ Ra 90. This exceptional high brightness is necessary if the flood lights are intended to be placed on the stadium roof having the height of 40 to 80 meters. This high power LED adopts flip-chip technology, and thus the size of the whole lamp is very compact. It is also equipped with Meanwell driver for stable power output 90-528VAC. And The LED chips are flicker-free, so that the brightness is consistent under the high-speed camera. Its light-weight and compact size also allows the workers to install them with ease.

To deal with the heat dissipation problems that affect the life span and brightness of the lights, they apply the special spray coating onto the LED chips. The heat can be reduced effectively without using external device such as cooling fan or water.

By having the above features, this lamp works for at least 100000 hours.

If you need other power and brightness,pls contact to us directly.

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