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US lighting company RAB announced that LED lighting prices will increase by 10% next month


According to media reports, the US lighting manufacturer RAB issued a notice saying that the US Department of Commerce and the US Trade Representative Office (USTR) imposed additional tariffs on many goods including lamps and ballasts.

Since LED lamps (US HS code: 8539.50.00, LED LED lamps) are subject to tariff increases, RAB announced that the price of lamps will increase by 10% from September 7, 2019.

The RAB stated that orders received on or before September 7 will be invoiced at the current price. After this date, all orders placed and shipped will be executed at the new price.

According to industry analysts, the proposed US$300 billion tax plan for US exports to the US includes 3,805 HS codes, covering almost all products except the first two rounds of $500 and $200 billion that have been tariffed. . The addition of tariffs will lead to more US lighting brands to reduce tariffs and have to join the ranks of price increases to allow consumers to pay.

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