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The world's longest day and night rhythm chandelier appeared in Denmark, 19 meters long


According to reports, a 19-meter chandelier installed in the Danish energy company Energinet control room has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.

It is reported that a team of no less than 102 people (including engineers, technicians and designers) participate in the design, production, approval, assembly, testing, delivery and installation of this giant lighting project. The Danish manufacturer Lightcare completed the production of the 5.6-meter-wide luminaire in just 12 weeks.

Reports show that the circadian rhythm lights are controlled by Lightcare OS software, a new groundbreaking software designed to meet Energinet's needs. Employees can use this system to define and personalize the light according to their individual needs.

In order to get the luminaire approved, the research team produced a 1:1 17cm prototype and printed it in 3D. It is made of extruded aluminum and cut and rolled into the desired profile design.

At the same time, no less than 44,992 LEDs were used in the development, design, wiring and production of six different printed circuit boards (PCBs).

The control of the LED printed circuit board is completed by 28 specially developed flicker-free unit controllers, all of which are mounted on each thermally conductive aluminum plate.

In addition, the luminaire features a milky white microprime housing for downlights and a transparent acrylic panel.

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