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Batavia, USA chooses LED street lights and rejects high-pressure sodium lamps


According to media reports, the Batavia police station in the United States hopes to strengthen the street lighting of three streets (Central Avenue, Watson Street and State Street) and hopes to use it permanently to curb criminal activities.

Police Commissioner Shawn Heubusch said: "It has been proven that enhanced lighting in the area is good for the community and enables the police to respond quickly to call request services."

“Last year, certain areas were identified as high-risk areas. We are trying to find some solutions, installing some cameras in these areas, and temporarily adding some street photos.” “In these three specific locations, this seems very significance."

As residents worry that road lighting upgrades will emit strong light and affect residents' rest at night, the updated LED light source uses warm white light, which not only improves the overall brightness of the road, but also enhances driving safety. At the same time, the new light source can be more effective. Auxiliary surveillance camera shooting, played a very good role in breaking the crime.

Some members suggested using sodium light to emit orange-yellow light, but the police said that the quality of high-pressure sodium lighting is not as good as that of LEDs, and for police officers, LEDs will provide white pure light and reflect colors correctly. Better identify the color of speeding cars, etc.