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Canada will offer incentives for greenhouses that switch to LED technology


According to media reports, the Canadian independent power system operating company is providing incentives for greenhouse owners in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent to switch to LED technology.

The incentive will cover about 30% of the total cost for refurbishing lighting equipment or using LED technology in new buildings. This is about three times the previous offer.

Jordan Penic, an independent power system operating company, said, "From the use of high-pressure sodium lamps to LED lights, the technology is indeed improving. When we saw growers switching to LED lights, we found that they could save up to 55% of energy consumption or energy. cost".

Seeing growth, independent power system operating companies use this area as a pilot area.

PenJordan Penic said, "We want to ensure that incentives are focused on areas where growth is significant because it is good for the power system and ensures that we manage growth in a cost-effective manner."

The incentive plan will be available to growers in the area until the end of 2020. Eligible growers will provide rebates after demonstrating the savings to the independent power system operating company.

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