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FAQs About Turtle Friendly Lights


Amber lighting is a type of lighting that has been designed to reduce the attraction of sea turtles, and other nocturnal wildlife, to artificial lighting sources. This type of lighting is most commonly found in beach-front areas, as sea turtles are naturally drawn to the light, and can become disoriented and even strand themselves when they cannot return to the sea. Questions about turtle friendly amber lighting include:

Q1. What type of lighting is turtle friendly amber lighting?

A1.Answer: Is a type of lighting that has been designed to be more attractive to sea turtles and other nocturnal wildlife and less attractive to humans. This type of lighting is characterized by a low color temperature, or warm hues, including amber, and produces a low intensity light that is a safer alternative to bright white light sources, which can disorient sea turtles and other animals.

Q2. How does turtle friendly amber lighting help sea turtles?

A2. Answer: The lighting helps sea turtles by providing them with a low intensity, low color temperature light source that does not attract them to areas where they are likely to become disoriented and strand themselves. This type of lighting also reduces the potential for sea turtles to become disoriented due to bright white light sources that they may be naturally drawn to.

Q3. Are there any advantages to using turtle friendly amber lighting?

A3. Answer: Yes, in addition to reducing the attraction of sea turtles and other nocturnal wildlife to artificial lighting sources, this type of lighting also helps reduce light pollution, is more energy efficient than traditional white lighting sources, and is less likely to disturb the natural environment.

Q4. What is amber light?

A4. Answer: A light source that produces a narrower spectrum ranging from 585-595 nanometers. With less lumen output than a standard LED fixture, amber-colored LEDs minimize the disruption to wildlife and sea turtle behavior.

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