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intelligent lighting has great overseas market potential

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-10      Origin:Site

   In recent years, the price of Chinese lighting accessories has gradually declined while the quality has continued to increase. This is the reason why many overseas buyers have come to China for purchase for a long time.

   Looking at the global lighting market in recent years, the demand for the European and American markets in particular has risen rapidly. The European market has very large lamp production. Many companies have gradually reduced their production costs in order to be able to come up with attractive prices, making the whole of Europe The standard of lamps and lanterns has been changed again and again, compared with previous years, even a lot lower, so more and more export companies have entered this market, and at the same time, the price war has become increasingly prominent.

   In addition, there are also many countries in South America such as Brazil and Chile, as well as emerging countries such as India and Southeast Asia. The market is growing rapidly. For Chinese luminaire manufacturers, they are also faced with changes in their demand for international orders. Market access requirements, how to get rid of the vicious price war, accurately grasp the requirements of emerging market access and buyers, develop and occupy emerging markets, has become a problem that many Chinese lighting export companies need to solve urgently.

   In recent years, driven by the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, many countries and regions around the world have stepped up efforts to eliminate traditional high-energy products. As a result, LED lighting products that are more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly are more sought after in overseas markets. This is in stark contrast to the traditional tungsten wire Christmas light. The conventional tungsten wire Christmas light not only has high energy consumption but also uses dry battery power supply, and is often inconvenient because power is not maintained for a long time and needs frequent replacement.

   The potential of the overseas LED lighting market is still very large. It is also obvious that buyers from hundreds of thousands of consultations at the 123th Canton Fair will be consulted.

   However, it should be noted that intelligent lighting is relatively high in terms of maintenance costs, and companies need to continuously develop high-end products. This has very high requirements for the enterprise itself.

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