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Home » News » Industrial News » US company launches Crystallin technology for Mini/Micro LED display

US company launches Crystallin technology for Mini/Micro LED display

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-29      Origin:Site

According to foreign media reports, nanochemical company Light Polymers has announced the introduction of Crystallin technology for emerging Micro and Mini LED display applications.

The company revealed that the new material is based on lyotropic liquid crystal technology and that Crystallin will accelerate the adoption of MicroLEDs and Mini LEDs in automotive, notebook, desktop and industrial applications.

The company’s new film uses a proprietary water-based lyotropic liquid crystal that can be used to downconvert the Crystallin phosphors for blue Mini LEDs and MicroLEDs. Light Polymers laminates the Crystallin Performance PDC 100 phosphor downconverter onto a blue Mini LED or MicroLED substrate and offers up to 85% color gamut. In addition, the company offers Crystallin Premium PDC 500 can also be laminated to the blue Mini LED or MicroLED substrate, and Crystallin Premium PDC 500 can also provide up to 95% of the color gamut.

Light Polymers points out that this color gamut of up to 95% is similar to the performance of non-cadmium quantum dot films and does not have the thickness and cost issues typically associated with the use of highly reliable industry standard phosphors. In addition, PDC 100 and PDC 500 films can also be used as diffusers without the need for an additional diffuser.

Light Polymers, a San Francisco-based nanochemical company, was founded in 2013 and has deep domain knowledge and expertise in soluble liquid crystals. There are many applications, including OLED displays, LED lighting and construction materials. Light Polymers recently introduced the human-centered eye safety task and research lighting series. With more than 50 patents, its water-based soluble liquid crystal nanochemistry is being applied.

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