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The highest efficacy in the industry

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-16      Origin:Site

Samsung introduced three new enhanced CSP (FEC) LED products - the LM101B, LH181B and LH231B. Samsung claims that these products have achieved the highest light efficiency in the industry.

Compared to traditional LED packages, CSP LEDs have relatively low levels of efficacy and are therefore not widely used in the mainstream LED lighting market. However, the newly upgraded FEC LEDs can be used in most mainstream LED lighting environments, including ambient lighting, downlights, spotlights, high bay lights, and street lighting applications.

It is reported that the enhanced FEC LED adopts Samsung's latest CSP technology to form a white wall of TiO (titanium dioxide) around the side of the chip to guide the light output upward. This technology provides greater light efficiency than traditional CSP LEDs while providing greater flexibility to luminaire designers.

Samsung said that on the basis of the original, the upgraded FEC LED package achieves the highest level of light efficiency in the industry and can be adapted to a wider range of lighting applications.

The light efficiency of the 1W class LM101B is increased to 205 lm / W (65 mA, CRI 80+, 5000K), which is the highest among the 1W class power CSP LEDs.

The 3W class LH181B also achieved the highest luminous efficiency in its class, 190 lm / W (350 mA, CRI 70+, 5000 K), which is more than 10% higher than the previous version.

The 5W LH231B package continues to provide 170lm / W (700mA, CRI 70+, 5000K) light efficiency, which is the industry's highest 5W light efficiency

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