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Home » News » Marketing News » The UV LED market is huge. Patent rights are imperative.

The UV LED market is huge. Patent rights are imperative.

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-06      Origin:Site

According to relevant data, the market size of UV LEDs, which are mainly used for UVA-LED curing, will increase from US$160 million in 2017 to US$320 million in 2020.

Market research firm Yole analysts predict that the UV LED market will reach $1 billion by 2023, driven by UVC applications. While UVA LEDs are primarily used in curing applications such as nail dryers and printing, UVC LEDs are beginning to be integrated into products for water disinfection and purification. It is expected that water disinfection and purification will become the main driving force of the UV LED market in the next 3-5 years. At present, the industry's patent rights war on this technology has started.

On July 25, 2018, LG Innotek, a subsidiary of LG, filed patent infringement suits against UV LEDs for several companies, including Evergreat, a UVA nail dryer manufacturer and its subsidiaries in the United States. The lawsuit is the first lawsuit filed by LG Innotek related to UV LED products.

The UVA LED manufacturer market is currently very diverse and the industry is in the process of consolidation. As a leader in the field of UV LEDs, LG Innotek also hopes to protect its intellectual property (IP). And its recent legal action may be just the beginning. Yole expects LG Innotek to soon launch a related patent lawsuit for other applications including UVC LEDs for disinfection and purification. And this measure is likely to deter future potential UVC IP infringement. It is expected that other members of the UVC ecosystem will also take similar legal actions in the coming years.

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