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Home » News » Industrial News » Shuji Nakamura predicts the future of solid-state lighting

Shuji Nakamura predicts the future of solid-state lighting

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On August 10-12, the World Science and Technology Innovation Forum was held at the Beijing Convention Center, including more than 20 Nobel Prize winners including Kip Thorne, Thomas J. Sargent, Michael Levitt and Zhu Xiwen, as well as Academician Cao Chunxiao of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the United States. Chen Gang, an academician of the National Academy of Engineering, and many other top Chinese and foreign scholars and experts were invited to attend the event to create an unprecedented feast of the highest level of wisdom in China, to explore the achievements of global scientific and technological innovation, and to depict the blueprint for China's technological innovation in the future. At the forum, Prof. Shuji Nakamura, winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics, gave a speech entitled “The Invention of High-Efficiency Blue LEDs and the Future of Solid-State Lighting”. In the speech, Shuji Nakamura said that LED lighting will play an important role in improving the global ecological environment. "Global warming is indeed a challenge that all countries and governments need to solve. If the world can use LED lighting, it will be greatly reduced. Energy consumption.

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