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Home » News » Industrial News » Meanwell New Products : ELG(C)-300 300W Constant Power LED Driver

Meanwell New Products : ELG(C)-300 300W Constant Power LED Driver

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Recently, Mingwei has provided customers with more power products for the best-selling ELG-C series with patio lights/street lights/outdoor projectors, and extended the ELGC-300 (300W) series.

      meanwell driver

The main features of the ELGC-300 (300W) series are the continuation of the ELG-C series of long-length design, which can be used with general patio lights, street lights or outdoor projection lights. Whether it is built-in or external design, it can satisfy customers with different lamps. use. The full-voltage input range is 100~305VAC, which can be applied to the global general electricity range, which is convenient for customers to use in industrial plants or outdoor lighting applications. This product is designed to achieve 94.5% with constant power and high working efficiency, 6KV (L/N-FG)/4KV (LN) for lightning protection and a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C (Tcase). Used, suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. In addition, it provides customer dimming function, which can be used with three-in-one/DALI and timing dimming. In addition, this series is specially developed to provide an ELG-300-24A model that can provide CC+CV for outdoor lighting strips and lighting projects.


Wide voltage input range 100~305VAC

Constant power design, output can be adjusted from 65% to 100%

Active PFC design and output efficiency up to 94.5%

Dimming function: 3-in-1/DALI and timing control

Protection function: short circuit, over voltage, over temperature

Lightning protection withstand voltage design 6KV (L/N-FG) / 4KV (L-N)

Dimensions ( L x W x H ): ELGC-300/ELG-300: 246x 77 x 39.5 mm

5-year warranty

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