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Home » News » Industrial News » Intelligent will become one of the development trends of commercial lighting in 2018

Intelligent will become one of the development trends of commercial lighting in 2018

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-03-08      Origin:Site

In 2017, when the global economy recovered weakly, a new round of changes in technology and industry is creating historic opportunities. With the further implementation of Chinese innovation-driven development strategy, industrial development is also facing new technologies, new economy and new formats such as new forms, intelligence, internet of things and shared economy, accelerating the progress and application of LED lighting technology.

With continuous technological upgrading and cost reduction, LED lighting enterprises in China have become more competitive globally and their overseas customer orders have gradually been tilted toward the Chinese market. At present, global LED manufacturing presents a shift to the Chinese market.

Although LED lighting enterprises in China are in a good period of national policy support and international economic recovery, the competition in the domestic market is becoming fiercer due to the development of technology and the acceleration of industrial integration.

Today, the general lighting market has been "occupied", while the profit margins of the commercial lighting market has become the lighting companies compete to chase the next blue ocean. At the same time, LED general lighting market is gradually stabilized, LED product efficiency is also rising, coupled with the color tolerance (SDCM) control and color rendering significantly improved LED manufacturers are more optimistic about the high-end commercial lighting market.

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