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Home » News » Industrial News » How to make the luminous efficiency of our LED floodlights up to 160lm/w in High-power LED industry?

How to make the luminous efficiency of our LED floodlights up to 160lm/w in High-power LED industry?

Views:5     Author:Reita     Publish Time: 2016-02-01      Origin:Site

Along with the development of technology, the halogen lampis gradually replaced by the LED floodlight. At present, all kinds of outdoor lightings and so many stadiums all use the LED floodlight to replace the halogen lamp. To the manufacturers of the led floodlight, the most important thing is to design and make the stable and high brightness LED light,noultraviolet ray.

   At present, the luminous efficiency of the most LED industry is only to 70-90lm/w. Because of the choosing of the chip ,the design of shell, the efficiency of power supply, the transformation of lens, the luminous efficiency of the common LED floodlight is only to 70-90lm/w.

   Our engineers have been committed todesign the stable and high brightness floodlight, therefore it is possibleto make the luminous efficiency of our light is up to 150LM/W.

   Firstly,Our company cooperate with CREE factoryto design and make our own custom chip. Cree factory has developed the chip up to 200LM/W, and the chip is drastically different from BRIDGELUX  , EPISTAR chips, meanwhile its quality and brightness are greatly improved.

  Secondly, our LED floodlight use Calculus optical lens, and it is a good way to improve utilization of chips. The conversion rate of lens reach 95%, and it is much higher than the reflection cup of the common LED floodlight.

  Last but not least ,our LED floodlight adopted the design of units ,and it is good for improving the light-emitting area .In addition, every chip of light is separate, and will not affect each other .Meanwhile, the heat radiator structure is also important to the luminous efficiency ,and our heat radiator area of the LED floodlight is the biggest in the high-power LED industry at present. At the same time, the design of the whole light is benefit for ventilation on all sides, because the stability for the working temperature of the LED chip make a great difference in the stability of the luminous efficiency.


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