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Home » News » Marketing News » Australian capital replaces old-fashioned street lights with LED lights

Australian capital replaces old-fashioned street lights with LED lights

Views:36     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-23      Origin:Site

According to the Australian News Network, about 30% of the street lights in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) have been replaced with energy-saving LED lights as part of improving urban infrastructure. In addition, about 1 million square meters of pavement in 21 districts will be renovated or re-layed this fiscal year.

According to information released by the official website of the ACT government, Chris Steel, director of roads and transportation, said: “The ACT government is committed to providing residents with better urban facilities. These two projects are just a part of them.”

The contractor began replacing old-fashioned street lights with LED lights starting in May 2018. At present, of the approximately 80,000 street lights, 24,500 have been replaced.

Steele said that the use of LED street lights has saved 32% of power consumption, an increase of 3% over the estimated energy saving ratio. In addition to energy saving, LED lights provide better illumination for the road. It is expected that the use of LED street lights will eventually save 20 million kWh of electricity per year.

This fiscal year, the ACT government will improve roads with a length of 230 kilometers. The road area is about 1 million square meters.

Steele said that repairing cracks and defects on the road surface can ensure the safety of the residents of the capital and improve the efficiency of the traffic.

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